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The Vonk
     Bassoon Stand


There's so much you can put into a book about the bassoon. My aim in writing this book was to use my own experience - as a bassoon player and a repairer - as starting point. So, this is not a guide to playing the bassoon, although the chapters on breath control and embouchure will certainly give you some ideas for working on your playing technique. The section on reeds will help you to find your own way in reed making and, after reading the information on the ergonomics of playing, you will realise how you use (or possibly misuse!) your body. This is first and foremost a book on 'How to get the most out of your bassoon' by caring for it in the best possible way. The book contains many useful tips as well as background information on how to handle, maintain and repair your instrument.
I hope you enjoy reading and using this practical handbook.

Maarten Vonk




A Practical Handbook
for The Bassoon

By Maarten Vonk

 VBOOK     $29.95



TheVonk.jpg (14468 bytes) The Vonk

A bassoon weighs approximately 3.5 kilo. Traditionally, this weight hangs on the neck, and as the bassoon is top heavy, the left arm and shoulder are overloaded. The result: headache, and neck, shoulder and back complaints. These complaints also arise when a belt is used when seated. But even if the weight of the bassoon is distributed by using a wide and soft neck strap or a harness, these complaints still arise. Moreover, the harness does not exactly offer a female-friendly solution. A leg support, as often used in the Netherlands, takes the bassoon's weight and provides good balance, enabling the bassoon to be freely played. However, while such a support can be used without complaint, it must be fitted by a good repairer. After 30 years of playing bassoon and 20 years of FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk, Maarten Vonk has developed a new and revolutionary system that carries the bassoon, puts no load on the body and requires no changes to the bassoon. A system that enables the instrument to be freely played to the optimum.
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Vonk&Bssn.gif (8014 bytes) The Vonk: The ultimate bassoon stand
  • perfect ergonomics
  • puts no load on the body
  • provides perfect balance
  • offers full freedom of movement
  • allows for strong breathing support
  • with a unique and advanced spring system
  • light weight
  • made of high-quality material
  • high-quality design
  • computer-controlled manufacturing
  • simple to transport
  • easy to install
  • very stable when standing on the floor
  • no adaptations to the bassoon
  • no adaptations to the case
  • with a handy carrying bag
  • weight: 1.7 kg incl. carrying bag
 VONK         $399.00
  • Please call for availability & Information

Vonk Bocal Brush

 VBB   $10.00

Vonk Thigh Support

 VDL   $199.00
Instructions for mounting

Please call for availability & Information

5300 J&M legstand fixed on bassoon  for absolute free handling (

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