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The Finest in Double-Reed Supplies.
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Rigotti Double Reed Cane and Supplies
English Horn

Bassoon Cane
Gouged, Shaped & Profiled  RRBGSP   $3.99
Gouged & Profiled                  RRBGP   $2.99
Gouged                                      RRBG   $2.29
Bassoon Tube Cane 24mm      RRBT     $59/kg

Bassoon Supplies
Cutting Block                           RRCB $12
Bassoon Easel                          RRBE    $33
Ebony Plaque                        RRBPQE  $10
Plastic Plaque, arrow shape     RRBPQ  $2

Oboe Cane

Gouged                                 RROG   $1.99
Gouged & Shaped Regular  RROGS   $2.19

Oboe Tubes 10-10.5mm             RROT   $249 kg


  Oboe Supplies
Oboe Staples Brass 47mm            RROS47  $3.49
Oboe Mandrel                            RROM   $18
Oboe Easel                                RROE   $18
 Plaque                                    RROPQ     $2.50

English Horn Supplies
EH Mandrel                        RREHM   $19
EH Staple / Brass                    RREHS  $2.79


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