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Information About our reeds!

Legere Synthetic Bassoon Reeds

(medium)  $135
Plays Like a Medium  Cane Reed

  LBRMH   (medium hard)    $135
Plays Like a Medium Hard Cane Reed
MSRP $149.95
more info

Standard Bassoon Reed

JBR  $11.95

Artist Bassoon Reed

JBRA  $13.95

 Artist Bassoon Reed
 for Fox Bassoons

JBRF  $13.95

Professional Bassoon Reed

JBRP  $24.00

Danzi Bassoon
Standard Reed

  DBSR $22


Danzi Bassoon
Professional Reed

  DBPR $27

Miller Select Reserve
Bassoon Reed-Blue Standard
  MSRBR  $15

Miller Select Reserve
Bassoon Reed-Red Professional
  MSRBRP  $18
Miller Select Reserve
Bassoon Reed-Yellow 
For Fox Bassoons
  MSRBRF  $18

Miller Select Reserve
Bassoon Reed-Purple Artist
  MSRBRA  $20
Miller Select Reserve
Bassoon Reed-Red Artist Euro Model
  MSRBRE   $30

KJI Reeds

 KJI Red Bassoon Reed
ade from Rieger cane, shape - Rieger #2 modified by hand for each individual reed. The reed is checked 3 times before dispatched.

            KJIR     $33

KJI Reeds

KJI Black Bassoon Reed
ade from Rieger cane, shape - Rieger #1A. Original German/Rieger thumbnail shadow pattern of the blade. Tuned for Heckel/Moosmann type bassoons.

            KJIB  $28

KJI Reeds

KJI Yellow Bassoon Reed
ade from Rieger cane, shape -Rieger #1A Specifically designed for Fox/Renard bassoons, but will work great on all types of bassoons. Easy to play and control.

             KJIY  $28

KJI Reeds

KJI Green Bassoon Reed $23.00
Made from Rieger cane, shape - Rieger #1A Standard.
 Easy to play with a powerful sound.

            KJIG  $23

Weiss Reeds
These reeds are prepared on the Herzberg Shaper and Profiler. Made to exacting standards, the Weiss Reed conforms to all of the teachings of Mr. Herzberg.

        WBR14    $30
More Info

Weiss Reeds
These reeds are made from
Rieger #1 shaped Cane.
 Made to exacting standards
by Abe Weiss!

WBR1    $30


Miller Select Reserve
Contra Bassoon Reed-
       MSRCBR  $22

Miller Select Reserve
Contra Bassoon Reed Pro
K1 Shape

       MSRCBRP  $25

Contra Bassoon Reed
           NCBR $29


Miller Select Reserve
 Oboe Reed 
MSROR  $15

Oboe Reed

JORA  $9.95


Miller Select Reserve
English Horn Reed



English Horn Reed  
             NEHR $25

Reed Soaker
         Clips to music stand
           2XRS   $7

Information About our reeds

All of our reeds are made by Professional Reed Makers by Hand!

JBR, JBRA, JBRF     are the beginner level reeds ... JBR is for very beginner,
JBRA  is slightly harder for an advancing student and the  JBRF is for an advancing student with a fox bassoon

Miller Reeds ... are very good for intermediate to pro players ...
MSRBR (blue) is very good all around reed ... slightly narrow shape
MSRBRF (yellow) is same as the blue but tuned for Fox bassoons
MSRBRP (red) ... pro style reed in a Rieger 1A shape
MSRBRA (Purple) pro style reed in a Rieger 2 shape ... slightly darker than the Red reed
MSRBRE (Red) pro European Style reed
DBSR    Danzi standard reed ... very good hand made (long blade / shorter tube style)
DBPR    Danzi Pro reed ... same as the standard but with more hand tweaking done on this one
WBR14    Weiss ... Pro reed done exactly to Herzberg specifications
WBR1   Weiss ... Rieger #1 shaped Cane.  Made to exacting standards
KJIG    Green    KJI student reed
KJIB    Black    KJI pro reed done in a Rieger 1A shape ...
KJIY    Yellow    KJI Pro reed done for Fox bassoon
KJIR    Red        KJI Pro done in Rieger 2 shape but with blades narrowed to 1A shape.
Legere ... Synthetic Reed ... just plain awesome ... plays the same everyday,
all the notes respond ... can last up to 2 years ... great for all players ... many very good applications for it!


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