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Oboe Supplies
Reeds,Cane,Staples,Tools & More


Miller Select Reserve Oboe Reed
… hand made for us by a professional oboe player, each reed is designed to respond well, with good intonation and a clear dark tone without the usual adjusting that is always needed! Our philosophy is that good oboe reeds either play or they don’t play … and as such, each has been thoroughly tested and has our general description of "medium" strength. Excellent choice for beginning to intermediate players … even pros!

 MSROR  $15

Oboe Reed

JORA  $12

Click here for Oboe Reed Cases

Reed Case Ribbon
1 Meter Length

          Bassoon           UHBR   $23 
          Oboe              UHOR   $23 
          English Horn   UHEHR  $23 

 Reed Soaker
         Clips to music stand
Water tight lid

  2XRS   $7

  Click here for Oboe cane


Staples Brass 47mm         RROS47  $3.49
Oboe Mandrel                 RROM   $18
Oboe Easel                      RROE   $18
Oboe Plaque                      RROPQ   $2.50

English Horn Mandrel    
     GEHM     $79

English Horn Brass Staple  
  GEHST $3.59

                Oboe Mandrel              
             GOM  $79

Oboe Brass Staple 47  
      GOST47 $5.49

Oboe Plaque Blued Steel Flat Oval   
       GOPQ     $3

Rieger Oboe Reed Wrapping Thread

Nylon thread – 200 meters
Available in Green or White
Green    ROTG  $24
White   ROTW $24


Rieger Oboe Brass Wire
Oboe Reed Wire 0.4 mm (aprox.26 gauge)
                   ROW4  $ 13

Oboe Reed Wire 0.3 mm (aprox.29 gauge)
                   ROW3  $ 13
              Aprox. 1oz of wire


Oboe Swab … this high quality, 1 piece
swab is Made in Germany of micro fiber material, which is the most absorbent, lint
 free material available. Sized correctly to
 pull through the entire oboe, it has a safety cord for pulling it back out of the instrument. The material does not damage the delicate bore of the oboe. Color is "Loree" purple. Length is 39 inches.

                       #  KBOS –  $14

BG Oboe Swab
 Micro fiber, 1 Part with Safety Cord
                 # BGA36A   $22.00

BG Oboe Swab
 Micro fiber & Chamois, 2 Part with Safety Cord

               # BGA36   $35.00

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Oboe Leather Strap, Elastic with leather pad
                   BGO33E   $29

English Horn Leather Strap with leather Pad
                   BGO3OE   $39
English Horn Leather Strap
                   BGO3O     $39



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