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Heckel Bocals

z - German Silver Hard
n - German Silver Soft
g - Gold Brass
ag - Sterling Silver
au - Gold 8 kt
14 - Gold 14 kt
18 - Gold Gold 18 kt

Thick Wall - c  cc  ce  cce  vc  vcc  vce  vcce    b  bb
Thin Wall - cd   cde   vcde    bd  bbd

XL bocals are specially designed to improve response and resonance in the higher register

Paraschos Wood 

Heckel Bocals

BDV2          $699
C3N            $599
CD1             $799
CC2  PW      $799
BD1              $499
BD2              $499
C2                $499
B3                $499
CC3             $499
CC1             $699
CD4 XL  G      $699  Gold

Leitzinger Bocals
VM2            $599

Fox Bocals
CVX3             $199
*CVX*2         $599 (2)  
*CVX*3         $599
*CVC*3         $499
CVX2             $199
*CTC*2          $349

Bell Bocals
CCT1              $499 
E 0                 $599
CD1                $399

Misc. Bocals
Allgood  X3      $499
Puchner  CD1    $349
Schreiber  E1   $249
Paraschos Wood 
    #1                 $399





   Heckel  #5673

Lined Wing & Boot
High D
Tubes protrude into bore
New Protec Case & accessories
Matching CC1 Bocal Available @ $699
Serviced By  Paul Nordby
Owned by Alan Goodman
Retired Principal LA Phil.


Moosmann  Professional Bassoon Model 222A
# 3960

Naturally Tiger Striped Regal Mountain Maple

Ball Bearing Pivot System

Excellent series bocals AW1 & 2

Bona  Case and and  Accessories.


$ 17995
Link to Moosmann Specifications



Fox Model II  Red Maple # 50004

Hugo Fox Model -2009
ReD Maple
A bridge, right thumb F# Roller,
Second finger high E touch

Pro Case & Cover
2013 serviced by Gary Armstrong
2014 serviced by Shane Whieler


Heckel Bocal  CD-1 @ $499
Bell Bocal CC-2 @ $499






Moosmann  M22 #14013

Short Reach Bassoon
Mountain Maple Wood, German Silver / Silver Plated Keys, High D,High E,RH Whisper Key Lock, Rollers on C# / D# / F / Ab, Hard Rubber Tubes Protruding into the bore, "French Bell" design, Bb Guard, Body Lock, #1 and #2 Excellent Series Bocals, Back Pack Case and Accessories.

Plateau Key for Wing Joint 3rd Finger




Fox  660  Red Maple # 47292

5 Piece Model
High Resonance Bell
High F Key
Eb Trill Offset
C# Trill Offset
Double C Key
*CVCZ* RZ Series Bocal
*CTXZ* RR Series Bocal
Bona Case & accessories

Trade in from Former Fox Artist
Priced For Quick Sale!         $19,995  


Walter #8434

Loaded with Xtras!
High F, Low C trill, Ab/Bb Trill
Offset Eb/C#
A Wisper Key Bridge
French Wisper Key
Rollers Wisper Key/ C#
Right Hand Wisper Key Lock
Walter CD1 Bocal
Bam High Tech Case                 Out on Trial


Moosmann  100 AP # 7279


2 Bocals  A1W, A2W
 Kolbl Case & accessories

 Just Serviced

  Link to Moosmann Specifications

$10,500  Out on Trial


 Fox  Renard  222D   #26042

Original  Purchase 1998
High D
Has Ring Key ( no Platau Key)
CVX 3 Bocal
Case & accessories

Just Serviced



Moosmann  Professional Bassoon Model 150A
# 4688

Custom Keywork
Excellent series bocals AW1 & 2

 Just Serviced

Link to Moosmann Specifications


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    Out on Trial    

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