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Heckel Bocals

z - German Silver Hard
n - German Silver Soft
g - Gold Brass
ag - Sterling Silver
au - Gold 8 kt
14 - Gold 14 kt
18 - Gold Gold 18 kt

Thick Wall - c  cc  ce  cce  vc  vcc  vce  vcce    b  bb
Thin Wall - cd   cde   vcde    bd  bbd

XL bocals are specially designed to improve response and resonance in the higher register

Heckel Bocals

CC1  Z         $599 
VCD3 N      $699  
nickel plated 
BDV2          $699
CDV2          $699      unplated
CD2N          $499
C3N            $799
CD1             $799
CC2             $799
CDV1           $799
CC2  PW      $799
CC3  PW      $999
BD1              $499
BD2              $499

Leitzinger Bocals

Fox Bocals
CVX2             $249 
CVX3             $199
CVC3             $249
*CVX*2         $599    (2)
*CVC*2         $499


Bell Bocals
CCT1              $499 
E 0                 $599
CD1                $399

Misc. Bocals
Allgood X3     $499



Moosmann Bassoon Model 100 AP
# 7240

2 Bocals - Gold A1B  &  A1W

High D & E, whisper key lock

 Bam Case  &   accessories

 Just Serviced


    Link to Moosmann Specifications



  Heckel  #8404

    $ 31,000 out on trial


Moosmann  Professional Bassoon Model 222A
# 3960

Naturally Tiger Striped Regal Mountain Maple

Ball Bearing Pivot System

Excellent series bocals AW1 & 2

Bona  Case and and  Accessories.


$ 17995
Link to Moosmann Specifications



Fox 601  # 26874

Double high E& F, low C touch
Left pinky whisper key , A bridge
2 Bocals  *CVC* 1 & 2 , Balance Hanger
articulated Ab/Bb trill
wide pinky F#, G# A ring key
 Pro Case  Cover & accessories

Looks & plays great!

 Just Serviced           $18,995


Moosmann Bassoon Model 222A
# 3226

We are selling this one for a nice young lady, recently discharged from the military and is
 pursuing a new career!  Its in very good condition and plays virtually like the new 222APs which sell for $23995!  This one however, does not have the fancy / expensive and exclusive Ball Bearing
system of the new 222AP and has the traditional darker mahogany color wood.  Great bassoon and great price!  Comes complete with new Moosmann Excellent series bocals, Case and Cover and new Accessories.

Link to Moosmann Specifications


 Nobel Student Bassoon

Hybrid -Hard Rubber Wing & Boot,
Maple Long Joint & Bell
High D & E Keys
2 Bocals, Hand rest & Balance Hanger
Like New Condition
Backpack Case & Accessories
Plays Great

 Just Serviced

   $3995    Sale $2495     SOLD!



 Heckel  #4875

Basic key work
Lined Wing & Boot
Hans Moennig Sterling Silver Tubes
        protrude into bore
New Backpack Case & accessories
Traditional Heckel sound with very good scale!


Moosmann  Professional 200 AP #6231


2 Bocals  A1W, A2W
 Bam Case & accessories

Naturally Tiger Striped Regal Mountain Maple

 Just Serviced

  Link to Moosmann Specifications



Moosmann 100 A # 5212

Student Bassoon

High D & E, whisper key lock
Bocals  PW1, PW2
 Italian Leather Case  &  new accessories

 Just Serviced
Plays & Looks like new!

  Link to Moosmann Specifications

$6995   out on trial


Conn  # 8R1760


The 8R was copied from 8K series Heckel

Basic key work
New Pro Tec Case
1 Bocal marked   X H 1
Recently overhauled by Ellis MusicVT.

Plays & sounds Fantastic!



Moosmann 100 AP #7075

2 Bocals  AG1 &  AG2

 Case  &  all accessories

 Just Serviced


    Link to Moosmann Specifications


Moosmann Professional 200 A #3765

Naturally Tiger Striped Regal Mountain Maple
French Polish Finish
AGD 1 & 2 Bocals
Balance hanger

Wiseman Case

Link to Moosmann Specifications
$12995  Sale Pending



Moosmann  Professional  Model 150E  # 7429

2 years old traded in for a Heckel

Naturally Tiger Striped Regal Mountain Maple
French Polish Finish
Silver tubes projecting into bore
AW 1 & 2 bocals

Bona Case

        Link to Moosmann Specifications

$15995   out on trial


Fox 601  # 41436

1 Owner!
High D & E
2 Bocals  *CTC* 2& 3
Pro Case  Cover & accessories
Looks like new  & plays great!

 Just Serviced           $16,995



 Heckel  #6204


Rebuilt 2008 by Moossmann and purchased from Justin Miller in 2009. Serviced by Charles Huebner. Horn located in NYC



Fox Model II   RM  #54xxx

# Model II
# Made of Red Maple
# Serial No. 54XXX, manufactured in early 2013.
# Light mahogany colour
# High A Bridge to Whisper Key with Roller
# Plateau C Key, L Hand Third Finger
# Whisper Key Lock, L Hand (instead of R Hand)
# High G-sharp/A Ring Key
# Thumb A-flat/B-flat Trill Key
# Auxiliary Low C-sharp Mechanism
# Rollers on Whisper Key/C-sharp, Low C/D, B-flat/Low E/F-sharp/A-flat
# with Two Bocals, Heckel CCXLR2 gold plated and CCXLR3 gold plated
# with Fox Professional Case




Rieger Bassoon Cane Profiling Machine

Gently Used looks almost like new!







Lange Bassoon

Copy of an early Heckel

2 Bocals  Fox C1  &  CVX2

High D

Recently overhauled by Landy
Plays like a 4000 series !



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