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New Products, Sale & Clearance Items

M Bassoon
Take the M24 Challenge!

If you are considering a Fox Renard 240 or 220

consider the advantages of the new M24 Bassoon!

Leather & Silk Oboe Reed Cases

Reduced 50% (while supplies last)

Zappatini Harnesses

more information

Hearing Protection
12.95 - $299
more information

The lefreQue is a seemingly simple sound bridge that will make a wind instrument sound better!

more information

MyGrip an exciting new accessory for the bassoon that "sticks" to the body of the bassoon on the long joint.
more information MyGrip

Now  Available
Soft Brass Wire in

20 & 24 Gauge

1/4 Lb Spools


Small for Oboe & English Horn             HS1    $11.95

Large For Bassoon  
  HS2   $16.95


Silver Protection Strips

Package of 8 Strips

Prevent Key work Tarnish

2XSPS     $10.00


New  Item     Tool Case

Leather with heavy duty zipper
Pocket for Plaques

Aprox 9" x 6"

 KBBTC  $89

New  2X Item
Hot Glue Gun 
2XHGG  $8.95

Hot Glue Stick
   8 /10" pieces             2XHGS  $3.59

New  2X Item
Hobby Knife & Blades
Knife with  Five # 11 Blades  2XK    $4
5 Replacement #11 Blades     2XKB  $2

         New  2X Item
6" long marked in inches and millimeters.

 2XRU     $4.00

New  2X Item
Wet or dry Sandpaper
Full 9" X 11" sheet.
220  Grit
           2X220   $1.49
320  Grit
           2X320   $1.49
400  Grit            2X400   $1.49
600  Grit            2X600   $1.49

One of each         2X999   $4.99

New  2X Item

Thick Cotton Twine 
  For Reed Forming
 over 600 ft

  2XTW    $6.49

New Item!
BG Silk Swabs

 Back in Stock
Latest Improved Version!
Legere Synthetic Bassoon Reeds
(medium)       $135

New Item!

School & Airplane Safe Reed Scraping Tool
More information

UTRG $58
more information

New & Improved
DoubleGeeK Gen II
UTSG $99

Miller Pro Straight Shaper for Bassoon
New Item!  In Stock!

Rieger 1           PBS1      $199
Rieger 1A         PBS1A    $199
Rieger 2          PBS2      $199
Rieger 13         PBS13     $199
Rieger 14         PBS14     $199
Danzi              PBSDR      $199
Danzi Wide     PBSDW      $199


8    oz    Spray       2XSS $4
8 oz Concentrate  2XSSBL $8
2 oz Concentrate  2XSSBS $4

more lubrication & maintenance items

New Item!

Tone Hole Brush
6" length
2XTHB   $ 4.49

Koelbl Bassoon Case

Light weight Backpack
KBBB01   $479

 Superslick Cork Grease            2XCG $ 1.00


Synthetic Cork Grease

     HTCL  $ 7.00 

 Key Oil

 Light        HTKLL    $ 7.00
 Heavy        HTKLH    $ 7.00

 Bassoon Gig Bag
On Sale

$249 Back in Stock!




wpe21.jpg (7042 bytes)                     Bam High Tech Bassoon Case

       Ceramic Reed Knifes!     

colorbal.gif (1653 bytes) Introducing Miller Pro Reed Making Toolscolorbal.gif (1653 bytes)
colorbal.gif (1653 bytes) Looking for Affordable Reeds? colorbal.gif (1653 bytes)
colorbal.gif (1653 bytes)
Previously owned Fine Instruments colorbal.gif (1653 bytes)
  Heckel Bassoons, Heckel Bocals      Fox  & others
colorbal.gif (1653 bytes)
Rieger Pliers Sale $45colorbal.gif (1653 bytes)    

Duco Cement 1oz  Tube                                                                                 $3

Plaque Light!                                                                                Bassoon & Oboe Models


Miller Pro Pliers
Ergonomic Comfort Grips      New Item!
with tube forming hole
wire cutter

PPLRS  $55

Miller Pro Tools


Reed Soaker    2XRS   $7  Clips to music stand

While Supplies Last!   Clearance Items

 Reeds                                                                                                      Sale Price

NORS       Neuranter Oboe  Blank needs tip cut &   scrape           Reg        $9       $7

Reed Vitalizer

RVK58                        ReedVitalizer Kit 58%                          Reg    $12.95         $9.95
RVK73                        ReedVitalizer Kit 73%                          Reg    $12.95        $9.95




 Music CD's                          See CD's     reg $15-20                                           $10

BG  items

BGA23      Large Thumb Rest for Oboe, English Horn & Clarinet                         $2.50

BGB11W     Harnais for Bassoon, White Nylon, Ladies                        Reg $30      $24
BGBO50      Bass Oboe Harnais Black  Large / W Leather pad       Reg $30        $24
BGO70         English Horn, Large Yoke Type Strap                          Reg $40         $30
BG72            English Horn Neck Strap, Small, Leather "Yoke"      Reg $70         $35
BG72E         English Horn Neckstrap, Elastic, Yoke Type              Reg $40         $30

Bonazza Items

BNBST3       Bassoon Shaper Tip #3                                             Reg $105           $75



KMMSCL            K&M Music Stand Classic, Black #10100.000.55  Reg $30          $25 
KMMSB2          K&M Music Stand Bag 10111 for "Classic" Stand     Reg $8           $6



While Supplies Last!

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