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     Reed Cases
These high quality, solid elm reed cases are made in Germany with either soft spring clips or wooden pegs to hold the reeds. They feature spring or piano style hinges with a spring catch. Available in three finishes....Black, Mahogany or Natural. Foam inserts maintain exact alignment of the reeds. Air holes are included for proper ventilation!

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Bassoon 3 Reed           EMBRC3    $43 Bassoon 3 Reed/peg EMBRC3MC $43
Bassoon 6 Reed          EMBRC6     $50
Bassoon 12 Reed         EMBRC12   $60
Bassoon 9 Reed/Peg     EMBRC9  $70
3 Reed/ Peg     EMCBRC    $50
5 Bassoon & 3 Contra                          EMBCBRC  $80

Available Black, Natural & Mahogany

Combo Case  &  EMBRC3MC
Mahogany Only


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Oboe 3 Reed             EMORC3     $37
Oboe 12 Reed            EMORC12   $55
Oboe 20 Reed          EMORC20    $65
9 Oboe,3 EH   EMOEHRC  $55
EH 3 Reed                 EMEHRC3    $37

Available Black, Natural & Mahogany

Combo Case Mahogany Only


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