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     Reed Cane, Cases and Tools


Oboe Cane, Gouged                   BNOG     $1.79
Oboe Cane Gouged & Shaped      BNOGS  $1.99
E. Horn Cane, Gouged                  BNEHG $1.89
E. Horn Cane, Gouged & Shaped BNEHGS $2.00
Bassoon Cane, Gouged                BNBG     $1.99
Bassoon Cane, GSP                    BNBGSP  $3.49



Semi Finished Oboe Reed BNORS $13

Semi Finished Bassoon Reed   BNBRS out of stock

Clip the tip & finish


Professional Oboe Reed Case Velour Interior, Black Leather Exterior

20 Reeds 175 mm x 100 mm x 22 mm

                   BNORC20 $99

12 Reeds 115 mm x 90 mm x 22 mm

                     BNORC12 $89

Oboe Reed Case

Black Velour Exterior,

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Velour Interior.

Holds 10 reeds.

93 mm x 93 mm x 28 mm

BNORC10 $45


English Horn Reed Case

Black Leatherette Exterior,

Velour Interior

Holds 8 Reeds

80 mm x 80 mm x 19 mm




Bassoon Easel -   BNBE  $33
Bassoon Straight Shaper -BNSS $289
Double Hollow Ground Knife -BNKNF  $69
Oboe Easel -BNOE $20

Professional Bassoon Reed Case
Black Leather Exterior, Velour Interior, Plastic Mandrel Pins, Air holes for ventilation.

10 Reeds 193 mm x 88 mm x 22 mm              BNBRC10 $99

6 Reeds 120 mm x 90 mm22mm               BNBRC6 $79


         4 ?" End Nippers

This high quality and precise end nipper is the ultimate choice for clean and accurate reed tip cutting. The extra wide cutting blade is perfect for either Bassoon or Contrabassoon reeds and also precise enough for Oboe and English Horn reeds.  Double Leaf Springs with Anti-Static Handles.

                                             BNPLRS  $89


Instruction Sheet

Bassoon Cane Scoring Machine

Scores GSP Bassoon Cane completely through. Depth adjustment.       BNSM $139

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